Literacy Classes for Kids

Not School Literacy Classes are meant for kids who want or need some extra reading in their life. This isn’t about completing school assignments or being forced to read boring texts. These classes are meant to be cool, casual, and literary. They’re one-on-one discussions of good short poems or excerpts that make reading interesting and interactive.

Classes are led by Rachel Wagner, who has been in education for over ten years. She’s taught and tutored K-12 and college students. Right now she teaches first year writing at Seton Hall University. She also owns an online bookstore called Ten Dollar Books and runs the Not School literacy program, a grassroots book group that pays people to read.

These literacy classes are designed to be more like her homeschooling lessons for her now seven-year-old. Working with him has taught her a lot about meeting students at their level and letting them guide the learning. The goal is to support their intrinsic motivation, to get them to not just read but to think about what they’re reading. Explore the text.

Price: $20 for a half hour

Place: FaceTime

To participate, contact Rachel at

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