I’m happy to announce the participants for July 2022:

Alexandra holds an associates degree in English from Hudson County Community College.

I am looking to participate in this program, especially if it is a book by Angela Davis. I went to Hudson County Community College and my dream is to obtain my Masters in Library Science. I took a break from my academic journey to recover from certain situations, mend my finances and refocus on what’s important to me.

Idowu Odeyemi is a philosophy PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“For me, reading gives hope. There will be something to hope for if we all hope because we are, then, moved towards fulfillment, a commitment to each other’s tenderness, and to nurture social growth through interdependence.”

Alliyah recently graduated from Montclair State University with a BA in Justice Studies with a concentration in justice studies. She minored in sociology and paralegal studies. She also hold an associates of social science from Essex County College.

“Although reading for me is adventurous, peaceful, and joyous, I can honestly say that it has also been a very tedious for process me. However now that I’ve graduated from Montclair State University and am now transitioning into a new chapter in my life, I am creating space and time to consider the things I desire or value most. With understanding that reading is a process that requires the most disciple and patience, I am open to challenging myself. Being heavily interested in social justice and criminal justice reform, I find that this book will be heavily insightful and influential especially in regards to the career path that I intended on becoming exposed to moving forward. All in all, this experience will allow me to find new ways to be engaged in a positive way, and to hopefully open up my mind to become exposed to new ideas from Angela Davis.”

Michael holds a doctorate degree in systematic theology (aka philosophical theology). He has over 25 years of teaching experience at the college level.

“Avid reader who blends fiction and nonfiction (including the gray in the that spectrum) in my life-long and still learning process. I read broadly in history, religious studies including spirituality with a concentration on liberation and human struggles vs. oppression, political and economic analysis that focuses on freedom AND equality, and the like.”